April 17, 2005

The Shoe Project



12 thoughts on “The Shoe Project

  1. Was it re-open the shoe project? Because I’ve accumulated an awful lot of undocumented footwear…

    Karen on April 17, 2005
  2. But it doesn’t match. The nail polish is blue; the shoes are green.

    Karen on April 18, 2005
  3. The straps and the polish look the sameish colour to me. But then again I’m a bloke.

  4. Pah.
    If it ain’t white or stiletto I ain’t interested (exceptions made for red, black and any shoe if worn with stockings….)
    Fetish? What??

  5. I think the colour of the shoes and the colour of th enail polish have equal temperatures and lie at complimentary positions on the colour spectrum.
    A colleague found some shoes at the weekend in Essex, but they didn’t have her size, so she arranged fo rthem to set aside a pair in Croydon, but her meeting in Croydon was cancelled, so she sent another colleague to get them after his meeting, and we all had to admire them, only I thought they were really awful.
    What’s the correct etiquette in such situations?
    BTW, that’s the great thing about my sort of job; I wanted a jacket but Streatham didn’t have my size, so they suggested Croydon, Wimbledon, Oxford Street. I suggested Basingstoke. Basingstoke had it.

  6. The correct etiquette is to call the shoes unusual.

    Karen on April 19, 2005
  7. If my wife wore those shoes, she’d be about 6ft 6in high. That would never do.

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