May 9, 2005

Furry Brain

I’m currently everywhere and nowhere. I’m in the process of switching from New York time to UK time, and have got that horrid been-up-for-thirty-hours feeling of head chemical inbalance. My body isn’t sure where it is either, something made worse by the fact that the aspect ratio of my bedroom floor is not entirely dissimilar to that of an average block in midtown Manhattan, so my head has been doing amazing (yet pointless) feats to try and figure out which street my bed is on.
I’ll get photos and suchlike to you in good time. Until then, I’m waiting for the water to warm up. I’m also terrified that in three days’ time the mundanity of “life back home” will have completely erased this frankly life-changing experience from history. Can my newly-acquired brain fit in round here? Or will it be bonsai-kittened back into its original shape?


8 thoughts on “Furry Brain

  1. imagining your brain as a bonsai kitten provided at least 2 minutes of amusement. also, new york’s life-changingness doesn’t fade. it’s guaranteed to last at least six years.

  2. Yes, the flight back wasn’t too bad. There were a couple of small hitches – Grand Central Station wouldn’t take our luggage for the day, so instead of wandering around on Sunday we settled down in Bryant Park, though that turned out to be enjoyable, so we weren’t too miffed. The other problem was that the in-flight entertainment system was having problems so they rebooted all the servers (wtf?) and that took half the flight.

    Pete on May 10, 2005
  3. And after you wondering what sort of server set-up they would have to have on the way over, as well.
    Ah well. At least you enjoyed Bryant Park. Did either of you go into the library?

  4. Apparently they were using Linux.
    We didn’t go into the library, as we didn’t have your card anymore, so we couldn’t steal any books. Seemed a shame.

    Karen on May 10, 2005
  5. Yeah, I saw Tux as the screens were scrolling the boot text at us. There were no clues as to which distro it was, but I think that organisations such as these usually use RedHat or SuSE.

    Pete on May 10, 2005
  6. you’re back! i’ve been enjoying the flickr photos you guys have been putting up.
    will you post about your new york shenanigans?

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