May 22, 2005

George Lucas Says

Interviewer on ITV F1 show: “George, any plans to make a film about F1 racing?”
George: “No, I think it’s more fun just to watch.”
That explains why the recent Star Wars films have been so disappointing – he no longer defines a film as “something that you watch.”
All makes sense now.
UPDATE: Heh, and Martin Brundle just bumped into Jensen Button on the grid. Jensen was supposed to be up in the commentary box, but had got lost. I guffawed.


4 thoughts on “George Lucas Says

  1. Mind you, I’m more impressed with the sheer banality of the ITV interviewer. You can imagine what was going through his mind – “Right, there’s George Lucas. At Monaco. Formula 1. Famous film director. Here goes . . .”
    Other interviews edited out of the coverage included:
    On seeing ballerina Darcey Bussell: “So Darcey, any plans to feature in a ballet about F1 racing?”
    On seeing Professor Stephen Hawking: “So Professor, any plans to write a treatise linking the very origins of life in this universe with F1 racing?”
    On seeing Pope Benedict XVI: “So your Holiness, any plans to announce a new Roman Catholic edict on F1 racing?”
    Et cetera.
    I know I’m wasted not being a television reporter.

  2. No no no, the BESTEST bit was when George said “May the G-Force be with you”
    GENIUS that is, sheer bloody genius. (Wonder how much it cost?)

  3. I remember that bit, Gordon. I remember groaning loudly, and thinking something about “Lame, lame, lame, lame, LAME!”

    Pete on May 23, 2005
  4. Pete, was that in referance to the Lucas’s comment or Episodes I and II?

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