May 19, 2005

Other “Knight In Shining Armour” Moments

And I mended my mum’s laptop this evening too. It was completely failing to connect to any wireless networks whatsoever.
On a Vaio notebook computer, there’s this little switch down by your left wrist, with “OFF” and “ON” options. There are no clues as to exactly what is turned off and on by toggling this little guy. You’d guess, if you had to guess, from its proximity to the memory stick slot, that it turns memory stick access on and off. Well, it doesn’t.
I think you’ve probably guessed how this ends.
UPDATE: And I absolutely love my new 1 megabit ADSL. Pipex have upgraded me from 512kbps for free, and for general web browsing it’s unnoticeable. But when it comes to updating software and downloading large files… phew.


2 thoughts on “Other “Knight In Shining Armour” Moments

  1. So that “failing to connect to a wireless network” was because she was switching the laptop off with that button?? No??? 😉

  2. I discovered exactly the same thing with a visiting friend’s Vaio a few weeks ago.

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