May 18, 2005


My life has been hurtling on at a hectic pace since I got back from New York, both in terms of things that need doing at work and regular periodic engagements, with one-off social gatherings filling up the remainder of the time. It will be nice when things quieten down and I can sit down with a beer and strum my instrument. Additionally:
1. Our new computer has arrived. We now have more computers than people in the house. What an event.
(1b. All three machines run different operating systems.)
2. Have been helping Kate to delete her old spam comments. It’s a phenomenal undertaking.


7 thoughts on “Updates

  1. 1) Spot the zealot.
    2) Kate is on MT 2.661, so SpamLookup is no good. It seems that an awful lot of people have stuck with MT2 versions, probably because of the restrictions on number of users and number of blogs that were introduced with MT3. I guess people stopped seeing SixApart as the good guys.
    I wrote this comment on the iBook. Can you tell?

    Pete on May 18, 2005
  2. 1) Come over to the white side luke.
    2) So upgrade to MT3 unless she has muliple authors.
    I can’t tell. Maybe you need different names for which computer your comment from.

  3. I can’t BELIEVE Adrian missed the chance to jump on that innuendo laden post.
    Sit with a beer and “strum my instrument”, I mean COME ON!!

  4. I’m beginning to think that Pete leaves these innuendos dangling (sorry) to tempt us into responding in a similar fashion. As if I’d do anything of the sort.
    Still, I’m glad that it’s strumming rather than finger-picking.

  5. Vaughan: who, me? Never! I’d never lower myself to slurp on a big juicy innuendo.

    Pete on May 18, 2005

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