June 2, 2005

A Song about Chicken

I haven’t seen the KFC ad that prompted 1671 complaints from parents, but I am interested to note that, of everything that kids have access to on the TV and internet, the big burning issue is not violence, not drugs, not bad language, not even poor punctuation. It’s table manners.
I didn’t even know that families in the UK sat down to dinner anymore.


3 thoughts on “A Song about Chicken

  1. Never mind whether or not it’s bad manners – it’s a considerably-more-annoying than average advert.
    Besides, we all know that call centre staff are rude, anyway. It’s their job.

  2. I would like to complain about the distinct Meaflessness in the ad. Okay, it’s fried chicken but to quote some age-old US ad, “Where’s the beef?”
    I guess it could have been worse. I hear there are fast food salads out there.

  3. Unfortunately, I have to agree with the complainants about the terrible example that this advert sets.
    For the past few months, I have been trying to stop my staff eating lunch at their desks. This is an important health and safety consideration, often overlooked in today’s busy office environments. Desks are for working at – not shirking at! Imagine trying to use a keyboard covered in the congealed greasy remains of someone else’s KFC lunch. Yuk!
    Anyway, I had successfully downsized lunch to a foodless 6 minute tea break (toilet time inclusive). But now this advert has gone and ruined all my good work. I shall be taking this matter up with the Colonel himself.

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