June 30, 2005

Bad show, Sony

Sony are mighty pissed off at retailers selling PSPs that have been imported into the UK. How dare we undermine their efforts to manipulate us.

All in a days work, of course, but for this little sliver at the bottom of the article:

Morelle also complained to the judge that “men in dark glasses” had been sent to deliver documents to his home and left his wife – who was due to give birth yesterday – feeling intimidated.

Sony argued that this had been necessary to ensure the documents were received on time, but the the judge said that such actions should not be necessary, and instructed Sony to use couriers for the purpose of delivering documents in the future.

Sony clearly now fancy themselves as some sort of Mafia. I personally feel that the courts should be taking this particular event a little more seriously.

To the article, Robin!


2 thoughts on “Bad show, Sony

  1. Another case of clearly missing the point.
    Sony that is, not you. I’m sure they are still busy figuring out why people would want to ruin their nice release date by importing it themselves.

  2. Funny how the unquestioning devotion shown by big business to the all-conquering free market seems to evaporate when the rich find it inconvenient… whereupon they bring out the lawyers to keep us face down in the mud with their boots on our head.
    The smelly poo-poo faces.

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