June 17, 2005

Nipples like garbanzos

28. Daughter of Fortune, by Isabel Allende
Let me start by saying that I have read nothing else by Isabel Allende; apparently her earlier work is better. Daughter of Fortune is wholly pedestrian, with shallow-drawn characters about whom it is impossible to care. All manner of tragedy is thrown at them, and I am simply not moved on their behalf at all. Every move of the plot can be predicted in advance: shock: girl turns out to be the daughter of her adoptive uncle! Amazement: she forgets her long-lost lover [the ridiculously mythical socialist-turned-outlaw], and falls for her trusted companion instead!
The ending is unsatisfactory and smacks of being left open for a sequel; in other words, it wasn’t even finished properly. There are occasional moments of description that leap out from the text as anomolies; the best one of these I must share with you: a large woman with hyperbolic breasts. Meh.


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  1. You enjoyed it, then?
    Still no chance of a drink this afternoon?
    Thought not…

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