June 24, 2005

Pretty Damn Awesome

This is a truly wonderful invention: the Hipster PDA – a portable, ecologically-friendly data-organisation device. I love it.

1. get a bunch of 3″x5″ file cards
2. clip them together with a binder clip
3. there is no step 3

Of course, I’ve been using an A6 notebook for quite some time, and this system works well too. The added advantage is that if you find yourself waiting for a long time in a restaurant, and you get your notebook out and start writing, the food usually appears almost immediately.
My favourite thing about the notebook system is transferring useful lists from the old notebook to the new notebook. Lists are lovely things that make me happy.
via The Guardian newsblog


7 thoughts on “Pretty Damn Awesome

  1. But where is the on switch?
    My problem witht he above PDA is I can’t read my writing.

  2. Not gonna happen, Mr D. Some of us have work to do.

    Karen on June 24, 2005

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