July 27, 2005

Absolutely Disgraceful

You will have completely failed to notice the two comment spam emails that appeared on this site overnight, as they have been promptly deleted by the ad-me-nistrator. I’m hoping that this will be a one-off occurrence, of course.
And to what site did these two spams link? getfirefox.com
Now, I’m all for promoting Firefox, but these were standard spam comments with meaningless content and urls obfuscated by javascript. Considering that the whole firefox ethos is “taking back the web” and avoiding such annoyances as spam, popups and malware, I can see one of two possibilities.
a) Comments were posted by some brain-dead idiot zealot who has no fucking idea.
b) Comments were posted by some Microsoft zealot with the aim of undermining the Mozilla foundation by making their supporters look like brain-dead zealots.
More on developments when they happen.


8 thoughts on “Absolutely Disgraceful

  1. It’s possible that the link was relevant (I get some spam with incomplete links or links that don’t work) but the purpose was to get you to email them, and hence deliver to them a funky workable email address to spam.

  2. They must think that they are dealing with an idiot.

    Pete on July 27, 2005
  3. That’s appalling. But surely everyone has a special spammable email address that they would use for such purposes?

    Karen on July 27, 2005
  4. I don’t. But my personal address is so polluted by now it doesn’t make any difference really.
    I may be wrong, but that’s the only supposition I have seen people come up with for spam with no apparent spam links in it is to get you to email them and then they harvest your address.
    I mean most spam is targeted at the 1% of idiots who reply at it. Eventually, you spam enough people you get an idiot.

  5. Yeah but the idea is you get an email in your inbox from spam comment saying you have a new comment. You hit reply and it opens up an email to spammer. To have an X@example.com would require someone to set up a whole new account in the mail client. Or not possible if they use a webmail account. So that’s not acutally all that easy or possible for many people.

  6. I normally have one spammable account. ( Gmail’s great for that ) I also use blah@blah.com for a lot of registrations, although I’m sure blah.com must hate me by now for exactly that reason.

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