July 12, 2005

Chinese Takeaway

Alone in Hong Kong, I found myself in the Hung King Kok Restaurant. I’m not kidding, that really was its name. It was a diner-style, with orange plastic banquettes and staff who found me amusingly novel. I had the best chicken with fried rice that I have ever tasted.
Alone in Shenzhen where everything seemed dark and terrifying when I arrived late last night, I tried the same dish in the hotel restaurant, and while it was superior to the UK equivalent, it wasn’t nearly as exciting.
This lunchtime I was taken out by my colleagues, and fed on spicy chicken with bamboo shoots and peanuts [bamboo shoots that LOOK like bamboo]; green chillies with beef; home-made tofu in a garlic sauce [I have never liked tofu before – this was different]; shredded fried potato; tea with flowers in it, and gold and silver buns. I am garlicky and sleepy this afternoon, but at least I am well-fed.
Tomorrow I get to find out exactly how sweaty a sweatshop is.


5 thoughts on “Chinese Takeaway

  1. Meant to comment this at 12:23pm but gemlins wouldn’t let me.
    “Stop Stop I’m starving and I haven’t got lunch yet.”
    So I’ll comment this now at about 06:58pm
    “Stop Stop I’m starving and have an hour before I can get home for dinner.”

  2. If you can find someone with a boat, there’s a fantastic chinese restaurant on a little island to the south east of HK Island. It’s absolutely stunning. Failing that, go get hammered in Lang Kwai Fong and have Long Island Ice Teas at Joe Bananas.

  3. Thanks for the tip, Stalker, but I’m not in HK anymore – I’m in the world’s most intensely industrial manufacturing zone: beautiful Shenzhen.

    Karen on July 14, 2005
  4. I’ve seen pictures. I know just how much sarcasm was dripping out of that last comment, Karen.
    Don’t breathe too much if you can help it.

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