July 7, 2005

Explosions in London

There have been a number of explosions in central London this morning, on the Underground and buses. I’m sure we can rule out the possibility that this is all just some unlucky coincidence.
Is this tied in to London winning the bid for the 2012 Olympics yesterday? Is it related to the G8 summit presently occurring in Gleneagles? I’m sure that we’ll know in time.
Right now I’m just worrying for the people who have been injured or killed in the city this morning, and looking forward to seeing Karen this evening.
Guardian newsblog
…and if I read one more person writing “this could have been prevented with ID cards”, I’m going to scream.


20 thoughts on “Explosions in London

  1. My cousin and several friends work in that area. I’m really quite worried for them – hearing the reports of witnesses currently being broadcast on ITV does nothing to encourage hope.
    Thoughts for everyone involved.

  2. Yes, she’s okay, but I won’t be satisfied until she’s stood in front of me.

  3. Has anyone actually said “this could have been prevented with ID cards”? Fond as I am of the absurd, this statement indicates severely diminished responsibility.
    All I can say is, remember Madrid: “It was ETA. It was ETA. Oh, it was Al Qaeda.”

  4. If she needs anywhere to stay get her to contact me. I think she’s got my mobile, otherwise get her to phone work and ask to be put through

  5. Thanks for your offer, Anna, but she’s got somewhere sorted out, and I have the number of the landline there.
    I don’t like the bit where the confirmed death toll rises, but I guess no-one does.

    Pete on July 7, 2005
  6. Good-oh.
    To be fair, it’s looking as if no one might have been in to welcome her anyway…

  7. Glad she’s OK, Pete.
    As for idiots and ID cards, I’m willing to bet that Bliar comes in with that one at some point…

  8. What an awful thing to see on the news this morning. I remember hearing from the few foreigners I know after 9/11 even though I reside in NJ. My heart goes out to all of you. We here at work have been glued to the news all morning. Our prayers and thoughts are with you.

  9. My boss finally located me, after I’d walked from Paddington to Euston to Kensington. My feet hurt but I’m bloody happy that I took a five-minutes-later train. I would very much like to be able to get home tonight, so if anyone hears that Waterloo services are running to Reading again, please email or use the contact box!

    Karen on July 7, 2005
  10. Waterloo to Reading runs past my house. More or less. If you’re stuck for a while your welcome to use Chez Sevitz to chill till the trains are up.

  11. I’m currently more worried about how to get from Ken to Waterloo – damned if I’m walking another step in this city today. It has very hard pavements.
    ps. yes I do appreciate that I am lucky to have come out of it with nothing worse than sore feet.

    Karen on July 7, 2005
  12. You in Kensington? So am I. I can drive you to Waterloo or Clapham Junction if you need. My number is *********** if you’re stuck.
    [Can you please delete that number later on when all are safe home.]

  13. According to nationalrail.co.uk, Waterloo is open and SWT services are running normally.

  14. [notes down Sevitz’s phone number to begin evil stalking campaign]

  15. Graybo, I would be honoured to be stalked by you. You might find my life a tad bit dull though. I know I do.

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