July 27, 2005

libgmail.py stopped working?

If you’re finding that all of a sudden, libgmail.py has stopped working (most likely you’ll notice that gmail-notify can’t connect to your inbox) then I have your solution.
I think that Google must have changed their ways of doing things slightly in the last 24 hours. Either way, to fix it, load up libgmail.py. Search for RE_PAGE_REDIRECT. This should currently be defined as the following:
RE_PAGE_REDIRECT = ‘top\.location\W=\W”CheckCookie\?continue=([^”]+)’
You want to change it to the following:
RE_PAGE_REDIRECT = ‘top\.location\W=\W”https://www.google.com/accounts/CheckCookie\?continue=([^”]+)’
Save libgmail.py and you should find everything is better.
UPDATE: This has now been fixed in sourceforge, in a slightly different way which looks like it will resist possible future changes better. Grab the latest version from CVS here


14 thoughts on “libgmail.py stopped working?

  1. Debugging is a somewhat arcane art, and hard to explain in a comments box. In brief, it’s about following the flow of program execution until something goes wrong, looking at why it went wrong, and at what would need to happen for it to go right.

    Pete on July 28, 2005
  2. Oh god it turns me on when he speaks in technical.

    Karen on July 28, 2005
  3. Karen, I so don’t belive that.
    Pete, I know about debugging. I’ve bugged and debugged many times myself. It just seemed like a fairly difficult thing to find.

  4. Thanks for backing me up, Stee.
    Adrian, maybe this is where you’re going wrong – if a girl says something turns her on, do you always disbelieve her? Fool.

    Karen on July 28, 2005
  5. I’ve had 5+ years of all my mates telling me to not be techie around girls.
    And I don’t normally disbelieve a girl if she says something turns her on. I did take your comment to be written in a slightly sarcastic tone though.

  6. whether or not your mates are right probably depends on the kind of girl you want to attract, adrian..!

  7. a nice, cute girl who has a thing for techies.
    you’ll find one.
    karen is proof that they exist..!

  8. Thanks, Estee. Now I’m going to have to hire some extra bodyguards for Karen.

    Pete on July 28, 2005
  9. Mainly he does the work himself. I thought most blog-girls had a thing for techies, actually. I’m certain I’m not the only one.

    Karen on July 28, 2005

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