July 10, 2005

Urgent request from 1000 miles away

Could anyone reading this who has Pete’s phone number please give him a call and tell him to get back to his computer so I can talk to him?!
It’s 6.20pm Hong Kong time and I will be here for the next 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, let me tell you what Hong Kong is like. Hong Kong is hot hot and humid humid. It is very busy and colourful. I am extremely happy to have found an air-conditioned comic book store featuring internet cafe for approx. two quid an hour.
Hong Kong consists of a main island, some peripheral islands, and the mainland, which is attached to China. I am on the mainland bit, which is Kowloon. This featured in The Man With The Golden Gun, which was on TV in the UK on Friday night, so in a moment of serendipity, we watched it. Pete might add links to my posts later, and I might send you a photo of the chinglish keyboard that prevents me from doing same.
After late arrival and some sleep, I took a walk to the harbour to have a look at the skyline. It features tall shiny buildings, much like Manhattan, but perhaps a little less WOW, so don’t worry krissa, I still love NYC more. Also because NYC has you [and had Pete] in it, and here I am a little bit lonely.
The sky is very stormy and dark, and it looks like it might rain. I have to work up the courage to go to a restaurant and feed myself, or starve.
UPDATE: Some links added by the Pete


8 thoughts on “Urgent request from 1000 miles away

  1. I can’t believe how worried I was that no one managed to call Pete in time for you to chat to him. Looks like maybe someone did?
    Yay, the internet.

  2. I would go with the “feed yourself” option. I hear starving isn’t much fun.
    Hope you got held of Pete.

  3. No, I didn’t, but I felt better after I’d written him a long email. He had gone out to buy some sort of computer game thingy that he needed, me not being there.

    Karen on July 11, 2005
  4. Oh “game” is it. Comes in a DVD box right. Cause that’s what guys need when their girl is away. Something to keep tha hands busy and knobs to twiddle.
    Side question, why didn’t you just text Pete from there? No signal? No roaming?

  5. Dunno. I don’t trust texts to make it all the way home, but I expect I would still get charged for them.

    Karen on July 11, 2005
  6. If you turn on delivery reports you’ll know if the message makes it back. I’ve generally had no problems with texting while abroad.

  7. But I assume you are usually texting from more developed countries than China? Anyway, I find an email a lot more satisfying than a text.

    Karen on July 12, 2005
  8. Well does SA count?
    Email does have a lot mor going for it sure. But harder to do when Pete is off buying games. 🙂

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