August 15, 2005

LiveBlogging Monopoly

21:08 I’m out. Well, I don’t think I’m quite technically out, but it’s close enough to be worth falling asleep over. And I still blame this sodding weblog.

21:04 She puts into place the final instruments of my doom…

20:59 The luck continues to favour Karen. And all this liveblogging is really distracting. It’s YOUR fault that I’m losing.

20:57 I’m meat. Really. I’m doomed.

20:49 I won a reality TV show and collected £100k. Awesome.

20:47 Property starts to grow like weeds. It gets interesting. Though neither of us carry much cash.

20:41 I think it was more fun when I was tearing her apart, limb from limb.

20:36 A small comeback is occurring. But very very small.

20:32 And now she’s won the midweek rollover jackpot. I may be facing a greater foe here.

20:30 She’s got six different colours. But she’s winning, so I’d better shut up for now.

20:27 I’ve managed to get a complete set of yellows, but I needed to mortgage three properties to get it. Ugh.

20:24 It doesn’t get much better. I think this one is doomed.

20:18 I’m pretty badly off, money wise. However, Karen once again can’t resist the urge to spread herself very thinly, so it may pick up.

20:14 I’m building up a nice collection of the yellows and greens.

20:13 She’s in jail. The harlot.

20:11 A very polite game so far, with neither of us stamping on eachothers’ collections. This may be a high-rise kind of game.

20:09 A poor first lap for me, landing on the income tax straight away. Though Karen bought everything that she landed on, as always. However, she only landed on three different colours, so this could turn out to be much more exciting than last night’s.

20:05 Karen is first off the mark. She lands on one of the blues. She will buy it. No surprises yet.

Karen and I are going to play a game of monopoly. Updates will be added to the top of this post as and when they happen.

She’s going to be banker and estate agent and everything. I’ll be press.


8 thoughts on “LiveBlogging Monopoly

  1. Blimey, guv’nor! I’ve only just recovered from the excitement of the Test Match, and now this!

  2. Annihilation, in just over an hour. Who says my technique doesn’t work?

    Karen on August 17, 2005
  3. The buy-everything technique, that Pete is so rude about in the early part of the above post.

    Karen on August 18, 2005
  4. Hey, feel free to read this site in whichever fashion you find most appealling. However, you might want to consider commenting more carefully.

    Pete on August 18, 2005

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