September 6, 2005

Beer Inventory

2 x Old Speckled Hen (bottle)
2 x Tanglefoot ale (can)
3 x Grolsch (bottle)
3 x Kronenbourg 1664 (can)
I’m spoiled for choice. Literally. I can’t decide what to drink. What would you choose?
Mmmmmm. Okay, Karen can have this computer back now.


12 thoughts on “Beer Inventory

  1. It’s beautifully chilled.
    I plumped for the Tanglefoot. I’m saving the hen for a special occasion.

  2. I’ve just read that a Scottish brewery were marketing 1664 with a shot of absinthe in it.
    So van Gogh could have been a one-eared lager lout if he’d held out a little longer?
    Is it too early in the day/week for a Smirnoff Blue?

  3. True, but I may not have time before monday, and beer goes onto the no list on monday.

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