September 28, 2005

Geek Help

All these different types of RAM and stuff confuse me. I know it’s not cool to ask for advice, but would people be willing to cast a cursory glance over these products and reassure me that there are no obvious incompatibilities?
Motherboard, CPU, Memory


19 thoughts on “Geek Help

  1. Are these items compatible with Bank Balance 1.0? That’s the problem I generally face with anything that I want to buy, particularly if I’m using the Joint Account hardware.

  2. Chip and board are both socket 754.
    Board and Ramm are both DDR SDRAM.
    All looks good. But I haven’t built my own PC since Byte magazine got canned. So that’s about the extent of help I can offer.

  3. Graybo: Yes, yes, that’s all covered. The total cost of all these is

  4. Just out of curiosity, whats the contingency plan if the same problem occurs with the new board and chips?

  5. Adrian: pffft. Replace the power supply again, I guess. And if that still doesn’t work then send the new board and chips back, because one of them is clearly faulty.

  6. That’s the most pointless and unhelpful comment I have ever read in my entire life. I can’t decide whether to delete it or not.

  7. Come on, have you not come to depend on me for pointless and unhelpful. Personal I would delete it and ban me from commenting.
    But in fairness, on the entire internet, on all those blogs we keep hearing about, you’re saying that my comment is the most pointless? Have you never seen Livejournal?

  8. Yes. I was including LiveJournal.
    Right, I’m off over to to get my revenge.

  9. Hah! You deleted them all! You couldn’t hack it could you? Could you?
    Here, puss puss puss puss puss.

  10. Adrian, if we had a policy of deleting your irrelevant and useless comments, then we might as well save time and just ban you.

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