September 25, 2005

Making Juice

Regular readers will be aware of the vines in the back garden. This afternoon, Karen took a grape and bit into it. She was pleased with the flavour, so we decided to do something about it.
(lots of photos in this one…)

A bunch of grapes, on the vine

↑ They start off like this. They’re not going to stay this way forever.

A bowl full of grapes

↑ This is how many we picked. We had no idea how much juice this would make, but we’re about to find out.

Grapes being transferred into the sink

↑ The first stage in the process is to wash them in the sink. This is Karen’s job.

Grapes being washed and processed

↑ As you can see. She then strips them from the stalks (the green ones tend to hang onto the stalks, which is splendid news) and places them in the white bowl to her left.

The juicer

↑ I get the best job, naturally, which is feeding the grapes into the juicer and collecting the juice into this jug. A huge mess is made.

Closeup of the juice, pre-straining

↑ After the juicing process, there’s still a lot of gunk in this jug.

The juice, pre-straining

↑ A lot of gunk.

Juice being strained

↑ Strain, strain, and re-strain. Really. Just keep straining and straining and straining, and you’ll get there eventually. We also strained the pith out of the juicer, and did manage to get a fair amount of extra juice from it.

The strained juice in all its yumminess

↑ After umpteen brajillion strainings, you get this beautiful output. Most pleased.

Shot glasses which will be used for taste-testing

↑ Use shot glasses to sample small quantities, adding extra ingredients until you get the flavour you want. We decided that one level teaspoon of honey per 50ml of juice was perfect.

Honey being introduced into the juice

↑ Multiply up as appropriate, and apply the appropriate quantity to the original juice, though it’s probably best to add a little less than you think you need, and test it before going the whole hog.

Juice being stirred

↑ Stir thoroughly and refridgerate.


4 thoughts on “Making Juice

  1. Gah, it never occurred to me before to actually strain fruit juice I make in the blender. Result, lumpy gunk that sets hard after ten seconds.
    I am a twart.

  2. Yeah, if you don’t strain it, then you might as well be eating the fruit itself.

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