October 7, 2005


Pete is under the weather, weakly lying in bed demanding cups of jasmine tea to soothe his throat. This has interfered immensely with my day off, wherein the first thing I was planning to do was have a long lie-in, featuring the whole bed to myself. Never mind. I shall make the christmas cake instead.
Meanwhile, since it’s Friday, the bar opens at three. Anyone fancy a cocktail?


23 thoughts on “Sicktails

  1. I’ve been running around like a blue-arsed fly this week. So, thinking of blue bottles, I’d like a gin and tonic, made with Bombay Sapphire, please and thank you.

  2. I’m off to Scotland for a Stag do, so in the spirit of that, give me something nasty with a whiskey chaser. Thanks muchly.

  3. Well, I’m still feeling a little delicate after last night’s curry-n-beer session to mark the end of our football season, so hair of the dog it is…
    A bloody mary perhaps?

  4. I have been put back on the Project From Hell, causing me to… well, procrastinate by commenting on other peoples’ websites. A Bloody Mary, please.

    Stark on October 7, 2005
  5. I haven’t done this in a while, and I’m meant to be working, but I rather fancy a Brandy Alexander. Ta.

  6. Adrian, I’ve alerted the powers that be, and I’ll make sure you get “something nasty” when you arrive.
    Nothing like a good kicking to remind you of bonnie Scotland, eh!! (ya cheeky dog).
    Anyway, I’m not drawing baboons, tequila makes me throw up (well the 8th one does anyway) so I’ll Mr.Graybo in a Bombay Sapphire Tom Collins. Lip-smackingly good!

  7. WooHoo – cocktails!
    I knew it was worth keep coming back here.
    Smirnoff Blue, no ice, please.
    Is Pete taking what ill Scottish truants have – a wee cough? Or just the one day?

  8. I’m going to a Very Posh Do tonight, so some kind of champagne cocktail, I think, will be in order.
    But I don’t know of any, because I’m just not posh enough.
    Google says there’s something called ‘Russian Bubbles’. I’ll have one fo those, then.

  9. This day is too long…
    I’ll have something with some alcohol, perhaps some ice, and plenty of caffeine: mine’s a Long Island Iced Tea, please.

  10. In honor of going camping this weekend and most likely getting thoroughly eaten by bears, I will have a brandy, please, since those are good for cleaning up wounds. Preferably out of the little wooden canister around the neck of a Saint Bernard named Ferdinand. Who’s also skilled at bear fighting.
    Na zdrowie!

  11. Hurray, I’m bunking off schoo – er, very ill, so am in time for cocktails for a change. Something medicinal with whisky, if I may.

  12. Ah, sorry about that, people. We got kinda distracted. Don’t worry, we’re not dead or anything.

    Pete on October 9, 2005
  13. "Distracted". Hmm. Hels and I use that as a euphemism. You should be careful when distracted, else you’ll end up in the same boat as us.

  14. I’m very confused. What’s getting distracted by boats got to do with anything? Especially cocktails?

  15. Depends where the boat is located Vaughan. I mean if you were happily mixing cocktails and a boat appeared in your living room… slightly off-putting, no?
    Especially if you were expecting a completely different kind of euphemism.

  16. There’s a reference to really weak coffee somewhere near here, but finding it could take all day.
    Ah, fark this Stark lark, I’m going back a name or two.

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