October 2, 2005

World of Food

In an office full of travelling foodies, we collect tidbits from around the world. We have one spare desk, on which pile all our loot; and people visit us from other departments to taste where we have been.
Currently we are stocking:

  • Taiwanese mooncake – Austrian Boss likes this, but no-one else can stomach the peculiar whole preserved eggyolk in the centre.
  • We also have some ginseng candy, which again, she likes, and we give away to visitors who we want to see the back of.
  • A large bar of Milka, which draws other members of staff to our department like nothing else.
  • A bottomless packet of seaweed sheets. Again, AB is the biggest fan of these. They taste like… seaweed.
  • A continually replenished supply of Mozart balls. For this, we forgive the AB’s peculiar predilections for disgusting oriental delicacies.
  • Crumbly crescent-shaped Greek cookies – I think they are called kourambiethes.
  • So many things from Holland, because two of us have been there in the last few weeks:

  • A pretty tin of ginger biscuits;
  • Hopjes Koffie candy;
  • Siroopwaffels – of which you can only eat one a day, because they are so sweet – but gorgeous;
  • and some funny little cheesy biscuit things, in the american sense of biscuits.
  • And after all that, you’ll be glad that we also have some Extra Strong Mints to take the taste away.

9 thoughts on “World of Food

  1. Next time someone is in Holland tell them to go to Puccini Bomboni. The best chocolate I have ever eaten. I would gladly hock my immortal soul, my mother and give lieu on my first born for their dark chocolate covered nougat.

  2. I don’t think so, although I have seen some other chocolate shop in Schipol. But never tried it because Puccini was so good.

  3. Siroopwafelen are best eaten when warmed by placing them on top of a mug of steaming hot strong black coffee. Fact.
    Those enormous boxes that they sell at Schiphol are fine (and good value), but as with all good food, if you can find an artisan producer of siroopwafelen, your experience will be much improved. I have a client in Boskoop who knows I have a soft spot for these confections and usually plies me with them whenever I see him.
    And it is quite possible to eat more than one per day. It is possible to eat many times that number, provided that you have no respect for your teeth or your waistline.

  4. You jetsetter, you. Have you ever tried those Chinese preserved plum things? They taste like they are preserved in formaldehyde, definitely a weird taste sensation for westerners.

  5. Another american colleague has just arrived, bearing halloween candy. And the AB brought some Millie’s cookies in today. We will soon be the size of houses.

    Karen on October 3, 2005
  6. We do have an audit coming up in Portugal, but I don’t think any of us will be doing it, unfortunately. Pete’s mum is going to Faro tomorrow – will that do?

    Karen on October 4, 2005

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