April 23, 2013

Which Egg? Green & Black DARK DARK DARK

2013-04-09 22.59.58 Ostensibly, I bought this for Pete for Easter. If he hadn’t shared it with me, there would’ve been divorce on the cards. And we’re not even married, which makes it Pretty Serious Business.

You can’t go wrong with Green & Blacks. It’s ethical and it’s delicious. This egg was so rich we couldn’t polish it off in a single evening, and we still have two 100g bars in the stash. It’s a deep dark velvety moreish thick chocolate, with no plastic packaging. This is a Good Egg.


6 thoughts on “Which Egg? Green & Black DARK DARK DARK

  1. Green and Blacks are now owned by Cadbury, who are in turn owned by Kraft. So G&B can only really ever be as ethical as Kraft, since that’s where all the money ultimately goes.

  2. G&B is the only dark chocolate I’ve actually liked. Bitter, but not an affront to the senses.

  3. I impressed the Girl-Who-Is-Now-My-Wife with a box of G&B on our first date. I’m sure that was the moment that she decided that I was The One.

    If the situation was repeated today, I wouldn’t buy the same chocolate due to the Kraft link – even if only due to an irrational dislike of big business. Now it is Montezuma’s all the way – ethical, small business and local. Plus very very good.

    I do, however, buy bread from Judges bakery in Hastings (look them up).

  4. My mum buys me G&B every Christmas – I can see what she is thinking: Lisa likes chocolate and organic things, ergo it is a perfect gift. I can’t bear it, not even the milk chocolate. The dark gives me a headache and the milk is just not nice. (I do like their white chocolate.) Every summer I casually engineer a conversation about how ha ha isn’t it funny I like most chocolate but I just can’t bear green and blacks! I know! (I don’t like thorntons either.) I think it is year 5 now: we will see if the message has reached its target.

    Lisa on April 23, 2013

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