April 7, 2013

Which Egg? Thorntons Chunky Dark

Thick, thick chocolate

Thick, thick chocolate

Some chocolate was eaten on Easter Sunday; it would have been impossible to make much of a dent in it. We watched Game of Thrones and Dr Who to the glorious accompaniment of Pina Colada and Thornton’s Chunky Dark easter egg. This egg wastes no time on the usual paltry handful of inner chocolates, it’s pure egg. Externally, it has a weird matt finish that makes it look unfoodlike. It could not be broken with a thump, but had to be bashed repeatedly with the TV remote control before its rich dark surface could be breached.

As you can see from Fig.1, the eggshell is extremely thick, and the chocolate is so rich that two people were unable to eat more than half of it between them over the course of one evening. We consider this to be a personal failure.


1 thought on “Which Egg? Thorntons Chunky Dark

  1. This egg also gave us a chance to review the robustness of LG remote controls. The outcome: pretty sturdy.

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