May 26, 2013


Despite what Karen would have you believe, I have not spent the entire day playing Terraria. Admittedly I’ve had an hour of Minecraft, but for the most part I have been getting useful things done with my Sunday.

Firstly, I’ve spent a decent amount of time gardening. A little in the front garden, a little in the back. I’ve mowed the lawn, done some weeding, some pruning, some tidying. I’ve even washed the garage door for the first time in the last 7 years. To be honest, I probably could have done a bit more in the garden, but I was so overcome by the novelty of just being able to get on with it, that I had to have a sit down and a cup of tea.

I’ve also done some interior tidying. Again, this notion of doing a bit of tidying and things then staying tidy is utterly alien. I had to have a sit down and a wee dram. It seems to be a commonly-held misconception that inherently tidy people actually enjoy continually tidying up after other people.

I’ve been dining on the meals that Karen has left for me. Lunch was the remainder of last night’s tagine, and for this evening’s meal I’m having a pot of chicken noodle soup, sat here next to me cooling down. I’m avoiding creating extra washing up by just using whatever vessel the food is already in. I consider this not to be slovenly, but efficient.

The cat has been keeping me company, wandering around the place and yelling at me periodically. So she’s keeping her usual routine.

This evening I intend to sit down in front of The Big Lebowski and watch it from start to finish without having to periodically pause it when a small child calls down at me from his bedroom because his duvet is woefully rotated or his toes feel peculiar. I anticipate being so discombobulated by this state of affairs that I require numerous White Russians.

I’m out for the whole day tomorrow, but at some point I’m going to need to think about meals for Tuesday and Wednesday evening. I’m not too proud to get a curry sent round. Twice.


8 thoughts on “Home-on-home

  1. There is food in the freezer. I have told you this. You have no call for takeaways. And you do enjoy tidying up after us, really.

  2. Just because there is food in the freezer, that’s still no good reason for a) using it or even b) defrosting it.

  3. But because your girlfriend has left you the food you need, THAT is a reason for both a and b.

  4. He has phone, internet, and takeaway menus. No chance whatsoever of starvation.

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