May 30, 2013

Introducing… Lori Smith

So, it’s Lifestyle Week on Uborka and I’ve been asked to don my very best Agony Aunt hat in order to help you, dear reader, with your problems. Why have I been asked to do this, you may well ask. Allow me to introduce myself…

My name is Lori Smith (aka @lipsticklori) and I have been blogging since 2002. I am an online writer who specialises in fashion – specifically vintage/ethical and lingerie – feminism, sex and relationships. I have appeared on Channel 4’s More Sex Tips For Girls, was interviewed about open relationships for The Guardian and Glamour Magazine, and was quoted in The Metro talking about sex blogging. As well as my own site – Rarely Wears Lipstick – I have written for contemporary feminism site The F-Word, online women’s magazine BitchBuzz, and have had articles published in Geeked and SLiNK magazines.

I have also spoken at a number of events: I was on the fashion panel at SHINE 2011, the UK’s leading unconventional conference for socially-minded entrepreneurs; I was a speaker at sex blogger and erotica writer’s conference Eroticon in 2012 and 2013; I hosted a session on creative costumes at BurlyCamp 2012; and I co-hosted a session about sex blogging at Cybher12. On top of all that, I was a finalist in the Writer category of the Erotic Awards in 2012 and I am currently studying MA History and Culture of Fashion (part-time) at London College of Fashion. No, I don’t know where I find the time for all this either!

So, if you want to ask me any questions about sex, relationships, body image, feminism or fashion, I am at your service. I do hope I can help.

Lori Smith

14 thoughts on “Introducing… Lori Smith

  1. I have beautiful shoes that are slightly too small for tomorrow. I also have sparkly converse. Where the pretty shoes and change after the ceremony, or ditch them altogether?

  2. As this is urgent, I shall reply now. SPARKLY CONVERSE FTW! You know it makes sense. Your feet will love you for it, and you will look fantastic 🙂

  3. Agreed! You will never look back on your wedding day and say “I wish I’d worn my conventional shoes.”

  4. Question for Lori: Clair mentioned that you’d described a foundation as “paintshop for your face.” Which one? I have rosacea, so underneath my inch-thick layer of make up, my cheeks are always red and often bumpy [so annoying, never had acne as a teenager and now this]. So any helpful suggestions to even out my face would be very welcome.

  5. All I talk about is my cat, please help

    sarah on May 30, 2013
  6. Ann that’s bloody brilliant, thank you. I’ll also wait with interest for Lori’s reply!

  7. Karen: as this is something I know nothing about, I’m not sure whether I’ll find much more useful stuff. If I get time for research, I’ll try x

  8. In that case can I change my original question, to ask for foundation recommendations & whether you would recommend using a brush or sponge to apply it?

  9. I have a question. Is it ethically possible to enjoy pornography, without feeling guilt at the attendant exploitation? Asking for a friend, of course…

  10. I’ve been thinking about asking this question all week, as it’s something that’s been on my mind for a while. But it’s also, I feel, perhaps a little unfair, as it’s not a quick answer.

    But anyway.

    How does one develop a positive body image, when one knows that ones actual body isn’t as healthy as it should be, but one does not have the time or energy to make the necessary steps to get it to a reasonable state of health (not perfection) any time soon?

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