May 30, 2013

Introducing… Mike TD

Greetings, People of Uborka. I’m @miketd, currently on indefinite hiatus from Troubled Diva, and imminently on permanent hiatus from my career in IT. Happily, this gives me ample time to answer any “lifestyle” questions that you may care to chuck in my direction.

My sideline career as a music writer has brought me into contact with many a celebrity, via the medium of the telephone, for periods that have rarely exceeded twenty minutes. To put my place in the pecking order into its proper context: during the 1970s, legendary rock writer Nick Kent got regularly and extravagantly wasted on L.A.’s Sunset Strip with Iggy Pop… whereas I once got to hang out at The Good Mixer at Camden Town, with the lead singer of Scouting For Girls, after an Owl City gig. Evidently, ours is a diminished profession.

My chosen specialist subjects are: arts, culture, media old and new, relationship advice and general matters of the heart. Please refrain from asking me about cookery, motoring, career advice and sports. I look forward to fielding your queries to the best of my ability.


9 thoughts on “Introducing… Mike TD

  1. Who are the next up-and-coming artists we should get work by now?

  2. Oh, and what colour shirt should I wear tomorrow, dahling?

  3. I’ll be answering questions next week, but as one of them appears to be time-critical…

    We can’t do colours in isolation, darling! The whole outfit has to be considered. If in doubt, white is never wrong for a wedding…

  4. How would I go about getting a job as a chef for F1 racing drivers?

  5. My boyfriend is completely contrary-minded. How do I mend him?

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