June 7, 2013

It’s Clamflange, one last time: Bar’s Open

ubotka posting on behalf of merialc, who is almost certainly not out of bed yet. Even though she is on her honeymoon, she has offered to step in and serve the drinks this afternoon. Please place your orders, and make your toast.


11 thoughts on “It’s Clamflange, one last time: Bar’s Open

  1. Since I managed to drink so much Wadworth 6X last week, yet avoid a hangover, I think I’ll have another one of those.

  2. Wow Pete, you got here before Sevitz! You’re supposed to make a toast as well.

  3. I’ll have a rainbow of shooters to match the clamflange wedding cake, please.

    As for a toast – club sandwich, toasted, please.

  4. Shouldn’t we have something Scottish? Whisky and Irn-Bru please.

  5. I’ll have what Pete’s having. Good stuff, that Wadworth 6X.
    Toast: Up the Clamflange!

  6. I’m entertaining tonight. The guests, like me are displaced Maritimers, so I’ll get started early with a Sea Breeze please.

    Toast? Vadontoé!

    asta on June 7, 2013
  7. I’ll be on the train to Birmingham later, for a study day tomorrow. I really enjoyed the bottle of merlot I shared with Pete last night, so I’ll have another one of those please. And not share it this time.

    My toast: egészségedre!

  8. I forgot my toast. Wholemeal, with Marmite.

    …am I doing this right?

  9. Well, since Stuart and I are on our way down to normally-sunny Florida right when it’s being completely buggered by hurricane-strength winds … can we each get a Hurricane?

    And our toast probably goes something like “ahhhhhhh!” as we try to look dignified in a rain storm.

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