June 7, 2013

Uborka’s Got Style: Question #4 for Mike TD

Karen asked:

My boyfriend is completely contrary-minded. How do I mend him?

Speaking as the Aquarius partner of a Gemini, I can honestly say the contrariness is part of the very DNA of our relationship. If we’re going out, he wants to stay in. If we’re about to book a holiday in the Far East, he wants to go to Central America. If the cottage garden is looking nice, he wants giant rhododendrons.

(Aside: I once caught him staring out of the window at the spring blooms. “Sweary Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?”, I quipped. Oh, how we laughed.)

Contrariness cannot, and should not, be mended. It is the sign of a lively, enquiring mind, unwilling to be boxed in, and perpetually ready to give full consideration to every option. It’s a beautiful thing.

Embrace the contrariness, Karen! You have nothing to lose but your peace of mind!


1 thought on “Uborka’s Got Style: Question #4 for Mike TD

  1. Your wisdom and experience with contrariness shone through in your answer to his question.

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