June 26, 2013

Uborka Running Club Update 3

My only progress this week is to have started physiotherapy for my ankle; it’s really hard to guess how long this is going to take, but it’s now 8 weeks since I sprained it. What have you managed to achieve this week?

This week’s question is really for people who are doing or have done C25K, and inspired by a question from Tom:

If you’re near the beginning: how do you feel about encountering Week 5 Day 3, the first uninterrupted run?

If you’ve done W5D3, how did it feel to achieve it?


8 thoughts on “Uborka Running Club Update 3

  1. Well, my progress is that I’ve been told to avoid running for another 3 months. The lesson here, kids, is don’t break your foot! In the meantime I’m consoling myself by reading about evolutionary advantages of running and why homo-sapiens is so good at it and the dangers of overhydration during endurance events.

    And thanks for re-asking my question here. I am half way through a blog post (endurance effort) about running psychology so any more input will be interesting.

  2. I RUNNED!

    I DID!



    I have completed the whole of week 1, and week 2 run 1, and didn’t die, fall down or shit myself (I am led to believe this is a thing which happens to runners when you run for a long time).

    I am trying not to think about week 5 run 3, given how much I had to dig deep to get to 90 seconds uninterrupted running (at a slower pace than a brisk walk).

    I’m hoping it’ll feel more achievable by the time I get there.

  3. Well, Cameron is back in the country so I really hope to have some running to report next time! In the meantime, I have done 5k on a (wussy) cross trainer twice, and been twice to Pilates. Which is all better than nothing but not like running.
    That 20-minute run took me *months* to do. I kept doing 15, 16… and just not quite getting there. My breakthrough came when I got off the treadmill and outside: treadmill running is so. Much. Harder. I have a friend who trained for the London marathon on a treadmill in her dining room, which is just astonishing. It was definitely a mental deficiency in my case rather than a lack of fitness – if you can trust the c25k then you are ready to do it when it says you are.
    Oh, and new trainers made an enormous difference.

    Lisa on June 26, 2013
  4. Well done Pix! Congratulations on not dying, that was how I judged my first runs too.

  5. Ditto on not dying. Am still astonished how far I have progressed from “oh god a minute is such a long time”.
    I did another continuous 25 mins today (week 7, run 2), and managed to cover a bit more distance than last time. Only 25 days until the 5 mile run though, which is terrifying.

    I’m really impressed by how we’re all encouraging each other to give this a go, and keep going. Go us!

    Clair on June 26, 2013
  6. (Sorry I missed this – was at Glastonbury. Someone did go jogging there and was caught on camera doing so…. But they’re a weirdo and it definitely wasn’t me. I got up at 0345 on the Monday to come home and went to running cub that night. I think I sweated mainly red wine and cider, but I did get my 50th weekly stamp of the year, the day before my year was up, and that qualifies me for a £250 Garmin I don’t need…. But it’s all good!)

    Swisslet on July 6, 2013
  7. Yes, I saw that on your blog and was deeply impressed. By the running more than by the watch. Can you sell the watch on eBay?

  8. I’ll probably keep it. I’ve never had as many injury problems as over the last 12 months, so I’m actually really proud to have managed 50 weeks out of a possible 53 at running club. The ones I missed were due to being at the Olympics and then a forthright in Canada. A lot of sweat went into earning that watch!

    Swisslet on July 6, 2013

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