12 thoughts on “Bar’s Open

  1. I’ll be Pete Best. Cause it feels like that kind of week. And I’ll have a glass of water.

  2. In honour of our recent trip to south east Asia, I would like a Singapore Sling, while posing as faintly passé former viral sensation PSY.

  3. It is viking day at the kids’ school so I will be that chappy out of Led Zep doing Valhalla, kitten style (remember the Valhalla kittens?!). And I will have a Valhalla cocktail unless you don’t have blood orange infused tequila (who doesn’t), In which case make mine a nice cold white wine. Not Chardonnay.

    Lisa on July 12, 2013
  4. I’d love to be Al Jourgensen (Ministry etc.), but I don’t have the piercings, dreads, booze habit or drug intake.

    Instead I’ll go for a Rusty (Nine Inch) Nail, and be done with it.

  5. And yeah, no ‘please’ or ‘thank you’ because, well, it’s Rock, innit.

  6. Long Island Iced Tea is my cocktail for when I’m feeling hardcore so I’ll have that. And the rock star I will be will be: me.

  7. I’ll be Mark Eitzel please – very serious, talented, misunderstood and not as successful as I could have been. (As opposed to what I’m really like).

    The type of alcohol is irrelevant in this context. It’s the quantity that counts. So a very large whiskey and rye, please. And I mean REALLY large. Thanks.

  8. I’d like a Captain Beefheart please. That’s 2 parts beef stock, one part lysergic acid, and the still beating heart of a just slaughtered snake. This is followed by a confused feeling, as cruelty to animals doesn’t seem to be in the spirit of the good Captain, and shortly afterwards, a really confused feeling as the acid kicks in. A while later, you will arrive at the sensible conclusion that in future, you’ll ask for a nice glass of milk, because as we all know, nothing is as safe as milk.


  9. I’ll be Janis Joplin because that’s my voice today.
    I’ll have a Sangria Verde*, because I’m trying to cut back on the Jim Beam and live a healthier life.

    *White wine, white cranberry juice,orange juice, blue curacao

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