October 4, 2013

Cocktails: what else could possibly go wrong?

Now that we’ve finally found the key to the bar, do please come in. I am terribly sorry about the leaky roof and I think the cat has been sick on the carpet, but I haven’t had time to clean it up yet. It’s been disaster upon disaster, really, so let’s all get drunk [DrinkAware disclaimer, please be a grown up and make your own decisions].

The good news is, Asta‘s cooking; though she hasn’t had time to shop and most certainly hasn’t swept the floor, as you can see. It’s choux buns for dinner, though. In an attempt to create comfortable familiarity, Graybo can sit on that broken bench underneath the trickle coming from the ceiling. Hopefully at some point Mike will get that steam cleaner properly assembled and start sorting out this disaster zone. We make an excellent martini around here, but it won’t be very dry while those puddles are still forming. As well as martinis, and Pockers’ customary beer, we’re serving all the drinks off Asta’s list. In fact, once that bucket is empty, we’ll put them all in there.

On the plus side, Lyle is in such a good mood that he’s gone all superscripty, and if you haven’t seen Pockless‘ video of Twink’s Horse yet, then it’s about time you did. That will put a smile on your face. Have a super weekend, and don’t work too hard those of you who have to [me].


1 thought on “Cocktails: what else could possibly go wrong?

  1. So long as the choux buns don’t turn into shoe leather, we’ll be fine.

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