November 21, 2013

Casserole Week

“Does anyone have any slow cooker recipes?” asked Pixeldiva.

Apparently this is the magic question that makes everyone on twitter express love. It’s well known that eating, and particularly sharing food, releases the happy hormone oxytocin. So we decided to have a Festival of the Casserole, perhaps a CassFest.

So next week we anticipate a large number of guest posts on the subject of slow cooking. If you already have an uborka login, please feel free to add your post and save in draft (simply so we can space the content out a bit) using the Gourmet category. If you would prefer to email your contribution to me (first name) at uborka dot nu, and I’ll put something together.

We are looking for recipes, tips, and photographs; if you don’t have a slow cooker, please feel free to slow cook in some other way. We’re not trying to prove anything here, just to share the casserole love.

[n.b. the delayed Where Are They Now post, featuring the much in demand Dr Pockless, will appear next Thursday, in amongst all the casseroles. Better make that a meaf day. What’s a meaf day? He will tell you.]


4 thoughts on “Casserole Week

  1. OMG. This is going to be awesome. I might stock up on shin beef at the farmer’s market tomorrow in preparation. MMMMMMMMMMMMMM!

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