November 30, 2013


Now that we’ve got my birthday out of the way, I am feeling more than usually festive. Perhaps it’s just a red wine hangover, or a little soft spot created by collecting Bernard from his friend’s house yesterday, where they were putting up the christmas tree. Yes, on 29th November. In the Philippines, where they come from, apparently they usually put the tree up in September, so this was pretty restrained of them.

What this blog needs… what this blog really needs, is a cultural countdown to the end of year festivities. And what this blog does best is collaborate and diversify. So starting tomorrow and culminating on the 24th December we are aiming for a daily contributed post about your own festivities, your family traditions, your childhood memories, your utter loathing for the festering season, whatever you would like to write. Who’s in? Comment, email or tweet @ubotka if you have something to say, and let me know if there’s a particular date on which you would like to say it.


7 thoughts on “Yulevent

  1. I’m happy to do whenever. I have an idea for the 14th, but I can do earlier/later/others if necessary.

  2. I’ve allocated those dates to the two of you. Feel free to write at any time and leave it in draft or schedule it for your date.

    Thank you!

  3. Hmm. I’m free for any of those dates. Since I sense that my entry is going to be more on the festering rather than the festive side – but since, believe it or not, I have no wish to deliberately infect my people with my attitude towards this time of year – maybe I should go earlier on, but not towards a weekend. (Gosh, see how considerate I am?) Monday 9 December, maybe?

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