December 20, 2013

Bar’s Open

I don’t know where the regular staff is– buried in tinsel or stuck in a pudding for all I know, perhaps they were abducted by pirates!

That’s right, it’s Pantomime Season. Whether you’re classical commedia dell’art or Berwick Kaler Dame, place your orders for your panto cocktail.

What? A giant spider? There’s no spider behind me. There’s nothing there at all.


12 thoughts on “Bar’s Open

  1. Well, there’s the Pantomime cocktail, but it’s not overly alcoholic, and thus not my thing at all.

    Instead I think I’ll request an Aladdin Sane, please. It’s also nicely relevant to Pete’s series of Bowie posts, which is nice.

    How apt. Happy Festering Season, and all that snow-covered rot.

  2. I’d like a Grey (Mother) Goose vodka, lime and soda, please and thank you.

    As it’s Christmas, the season of gluttony and excess, we should all have nibbles to go with our cocktails. Naturally, I’ll bring a plate of mini carpetburgers.

  3. I’d like an Excalibur please, because this afternoon I will be partly responsible (with the Gammidgys) for herding a load of kids to a show of that name.

  4. Being an uncultured American, I have no idea what a panto is nor how a panto would manifest into a cocktail. Based on the other drinks being ordered, however, I’m sensing a theme of grandeur, fantasy, and a dash of the ridiculous.

    So I think I can handle this … I’d like copious quantities of gluhwein served in a ceremonial viking horn. Then I will crush all my enemies and celebrate until dawn with my horde of tiny minion elves.

    (I don’t think I’m doing this right but the show must go on, amirite?)

  5. Yes! Every panto should have vikings and minion hordes! Suddenly, the local am-dram production of Snow White could be worth going to see!

  6. Sorry, that should have been Stallari. Bit rusty on the Viking military titles, given that it’s Friday.

  7. You guys seem to have this production in the bag. I’ll just sit in the flies with a few dozen of my elven horde, getting tanked on gluhwein and fettling the gruttocks.

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