December 8, 2013

Jigsaw puzzle family

Posted by Donkey on behalf of Ms Gammidgy.

Despite being over 30 every Christmas up to this point has been spent at my parent’s house, mostly with just my immediate family in attendance. This Christmas marks a landmark moment for me as I host my first Christmas at home. Having accidentally acquired 3 step children (I hate the step mother/ step child tag but it’ll have to do) it’ll be the first Christmas morning with children. My family are coming along to join us, although not till mid-morning so they won’t be subjected to the early morning madness. My Mum has promised to bring my stocking with her – I think this tradition continues mainly to annoy my Dad. My brother may or may not come depending on whether he can think of a suitable excuse to stay at home. Gammidgy juniors will be off elsewhere in the afternoon.

It feels a little like having a blank sheet of paper to start building our own traditions at the Gammidgy house. Although clearly it’s actually far from blank as everyone involved brings their own pre-conceptions with them. Given the jigsaw puzzle that we will continue to complete each year to fit in the various bits of everybody’s family I’m very keen to keep it all flexible and not get too caught up the Dec 25th bit. More a bunch of stuff to do over the holidays approach. My Dad keeps telling me that as I’m an atheist I shouldn’t celebrate Christmas. I ignore him and carry on anyway.

Foodwise we’ll be having Turkey (+trimmings), although only a crown as I can’t be doing the leftover turkey for weeks on end thing. That’ll be in the evening though as a buffet type lunch seems more sensible, as they’ll be more people than we can seat round the table. Mum will provide the Christmas pudding and I will attempt some sort of yule log.

There’s some debate on when the tree should go up with 1st Dec and 24th being suggested. Negotiations are ongoing

I find Christmas shopping a little challenging and tend to get more concerned than is really necessary about what I’m going to buy. The answers to my request for guidance from the children have so far come as ‘something crafty’, ‘surprises’, and ‘more weapons’. Sigh.

If I’m not careful I can find these sort of occasions raise all sorts of soul searching questions of what my role is in the various sections of family. When I start talking about that sort of thing I generally get a puzzled look that suggests I’m over thinking this sort of thing. This is because I am over thinking it.

So, my main new Christmas tradition is to kick back, and enjoy spending time with whichever folk are around at the time. We’ll see how that goes.


4 thoughts on “Jigsaw puzzle family

  1. I was reminded yesterday of a tradition that N’s brother has started with his small kids: they have one advent calendar for both of them, and each day it contains a clue to a small craft project that’s been hidden in the house, yesterday it was making snowman and reindeer bookmarks. Sounds like a lot more fun than a bit of disappointing chocolate.

    Clair on December 8, 2013
  2. It’s funny a lot of people’s Christmases seem to be in a state of flux. It’s funny how we all are searching for the comfort of traditions. I know I am!

    Clair – that advent calendar sounds ace but a lot of work thinking of 24 craft projects. Was it a pack or did they make them up themselves?

  3. Traditions are morphing all around us. I work with a bunch of guys in their early 20s, and they actually believe that it’s not christmas until they’ve seen the Coca Cola “Holidays are Coming” advert. Words fail me. I failed to be moved by the Bear and the Hare at all: I like the shop, I quite like the song (at least the original version), and I don’t even mind the anthropomorphising animation…. but I can’t get past that it’s an advert for a shop (and one that doesn’t mention any products, to boot – unless you count the alarm clock). If you get excited by an advert, then I’d suggest that you need to look carefully at your life.

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