January 8, 2014

Where Are You Now – Lyle, January

I’m in Tesco in Milton Keynes, gobsmacked. Utterly gobsmacked.

It’s January 8th, and yes – there’s Easter Eggs on the shelf. Motherf……..

Easter Eggs in January

Easter Eggs in January, FFS

It’s going to be a LONG damn year…


2 thoughts on “Where Are You Now – Lyle, January

  1. Wow. I feel churlish now for complaining about the Valentine’s Day Chocolate boxes stacked up next to the leftover Christmas biscuits at a grocery store here.

  2. Yeah, just behind the eggs, you can see they’re still flogging off Christmas tat in the sale too.

    I’m sure there was stuff for Valentine’s Day as well, but as usual I wasn’t looking for that.

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