January 8, 2014

Where Are You Now? Sevitz, January

Sev, in front  of his house


Sorry about the pic. Bad lighting, bad time of day, bad background, etc.

We were meant to submit a selfie? No? Fuck. Oh well a selfie you get.

I am in front of my house. My first actual house with my first actual wife (not pictured).

Lots to do, but not much progress made. Besides the garden which I’ve turned from a jungle into a mud pit. But progressing being made.

As for the rest of the house, we’ve got plans drawn up and not yet submitted or picked a builder. So being done by next winter is now looking risky but still the goal.


Anyway, thats Sev and Sevhouse.



6 thoughts on “Where Are You Now? Sevitz, January

  1. Nope, wasn’t going to say it – after all, you’ve shaved sometime in the last fortnight or so, and look fairly trimmed in comparison to other times we’ve seen you!

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