January 28, 2014

Where Are You Now? Sevitz, January, Again

This is the Wailing Wall or Western Wall in Jerusalem. One of the most holy Jewish sites in the world. Behind it is the Dome of the Rock, the most Holy of Mosques. And behind it is the mount of Olives. Holy for all three major religions.

I’m here for my cousins wedding with my parents (who have been to Israel before) and my wife who hasn’t.

By the wall are people praying. Men on the left, women on the right. The space for men is bigger as more men come to pray. Or so they say. #EverydaySexism is not a new thing.

People write prays on small bits of paper and put them in the gaps in the stone. Last time I was here I wrote to god asking him to help my friend Neil to recover from cancer. Neil died 3 years later a month before his 21st birthday. I miss Neil.

Wailing Wall - Jerusalem


2 thoughts on “Where Are You Now? Sevitz, January, Again

  1. That’s such a fascinating photograph – as you say, all the holiness you could ever want. And it looks busy.

  2. Actually it was quite quiet. During the busy time of year that would all be really packed. Note the women side is much busy than the mens.

    I also found out why you have domes on houses. It’s used to collect water. Unlike pitched roofs which are to stop snow collapsing the roof. All the churches in the old city have pitched roofs.

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