February 9, 2014

Bernard’s Favourite Album

  1. Bernard’s favourite album is NOW 35 which is a source of some shame.
  2. However, today we are listening to The Best… Album In The World… Ever (volume 5). “Have you listened to this album before?” I ask. “No”, he replies. “What do you think?” I ask. “Pretty good” he says. Result.
  3. I still can’t hear Nancy Boy by Placebo without thinking of Lardy Boy by The Shirehorses. Given that it’s been 16 years, I figure that I’m stuck with this until death.

3 thoughts on “Bernard’s Favourite Album

  1. I can see why that NOW album would appeal to younger tastes. (That’s as tactful as I’m ever going to be) I note it also has Baby Bird’s “You’re Gorgeous”, which was also covered (twice) by the Shirehorses, once as “You’re Gormless” and once as “You’re a Bastard”

    Marc & Lard have made *way* too many memorable piss-takes…

  2. I heard “Nancy Boy” on 6Music the other day, and reflected that, although it’s a good song, the backing track hasn’t aged well at all. Sounds clumsy.

  3. Not half as clumsy as the Shirehorses though. I remember back in 1997, before I had enough exposure to music to be able to tell the difference between good musicianship and bad, being blown away by the fact that these DJs could also play musical instruments! That album was actually released a month after I got my first bass, and I suppose was actually a huge influence on me at first.

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