March 26, 2014

Uborka! Fitness Club

So, last time I posted about running 10k and not feeling like crap afterwards. This has been bothering me, so I’ve tried to run faster, and today my legs definitely hurt, yay. Not bad hurt, good hurt. You know what I mean.

On Friday I ran home from work, which was doable because I was working right next to Pete’s office so I could leave the car there and he drove it home. Google maps told me it would be 10k but it wasn’t much more than half that. Reckon I could probably run there and back without too much difficulty.

I now understand that I can run quite a long way if I don’t go very fast, or I can try harder and feel it more. I am so busy with lots of work that I will be doing more of the latter for the time being.

What have you all been up to lately?


5 thoughts on “Uborka! Fitness Club

  1. Pulled a muscle in my back so nowt! BUT, the sun is out in Glasgow so I’m going for a wee short run later (not yet gotten to 5km regularly which is my aim).

  2. And then I promptly tweaked my back again doing up the laces of my running shoes. Grrrrr

  3. oh, you know, the usual. I had thought it was getting a bit nicer, and it IS getting lighter, but I think I’ll be going out in my bobble hat again tonight. It’s distinctly nippy!
    How are you doing? Feeling like a runner? You should! You’re putting the work in (even if I don’t understand how runkeeper is tracking your “Run 8 Miles” target. Surely you either run 8 miles or you don’t? How can you be 35% of the way there at the end of a run? You CAN do it, by the way)

  4. The real question is, having done 5.5 miles today, can I do 4.3 tomorrow? I’ve never run two days in a row before.

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