April 3, 2014

A new solo song!

Once upon a time, when I was in band(s) in which I had a lot of creative influence, I used to write and record songs on a fairly regular basis. When the band activity slowed down, I continued to do this, with gradually less and less frequency, until in 2007 when it pretty much stopped altogether. I don’t write songs for the bands that I’m in these days, because the kind of stuff I write would be impossible to shoehorn into the existing repertoire.

Which is why I was quite elated when I came up with an idea that would give me a damn good reason to record a song for the first time in years! I wanted to make a highlights video of my Fallout New Vegas video series to date, and the perfect accompaniment would be an idiosyncratic cover version of Big Iron by Marty Robbins, a song which crops up fairly prominently in the game. Voila:

There’s also a new series on my channel, where Jamie and I dig out a backup of our first ever multiplayer Minecraft world and spend an evening taking a little trip down memory lane and drinking some very nice beers. The first part of the four-part series is below.


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