May 23, 2014

Bar’s Open

It’s the start of half term and we’re heading Up North, where it is grim. What should we take with us to protect us from deep snows and wildlings? And what will you soft southern jessies be drinking while you lounge around in the safety of the south?


4 thoughts on “Bar’s Open

  1. One needs to be careful in that there North. I went there recently for a little stroll in the countryside and nearly failed to return due to the air suddenly ceasing to be see-thru.

    Very weird.

    So weird in fact that I even broke from recent non-blogging tradition and wrote about it on t’website:

    So I’d take some kind of X-ray goggles that allow you to see through non-see-thru air.

    Drink-wise, I suppose a pint of t’Northern ale that is all the rage in the hitherto shandy-serving southern pubs would be appropriate. Summat from Buxton brewery, perhaps?

  2. Cake.
    Cake is good wherever I am, so it should be good up North as well.
    I’m having birthday cake, so I’ll share.

    As for drinks, I let Rosie pick mine today. Granted she didn’t offer me much choice, but when she told me I wanted a gin fizz I discovered she was right.

  3. As one expatriated in that there north, where it is indeed rather grim at times, and looking at the forecast and out of my window, I’d say bring your heaviest duty waterproofs, plenty of wet- weather activities, and possibly an ark. Drink strong spirits, it is the only way to get through.

    Lisa on May 23, 2014
  4. I shall be taking waterproofs, sun cream, games and dvds, two lots of running gear, my knitting, and one for the road.

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