May 14, 2014

Uborka! Fitness Club

What have you all been up to? I have expanded my repertoire to become one of those housewives who does aerobics in the sitting room, while being exhorted to smile by some ridiculously flat-bellied muscular twenty-something on my TV screen.

I also set a new personal best 10k time on Sunday, and discovered that compression calf sleeves do seem to alleviate the night-time muscle pain. However, I only have one data point, and more research is needed.

The sun is out at last; time to get some fresh air!


4 thoughts on “Uborka! Fitness Club

  1. I get muscle spasms in my legs at night too — possibly related to my MS, but also likely to do with the running, the miles on the clock etc. I’ve started taking magnesium & calcium supplements – one tablet at the start and end of the day – and it’s really helped. I’ve even been able to abandon my extensive calf rolling, massaging with stinky ointments before bed routine, much to everyone’s relief.

    My running? 288 miles towards my 600 in a calendar year, so well on target. My hips are creaking and my ankles are sore, but the weather is good, so everything is tickety-boo in running land. You can’t beat running with your sunglasses on, eh!

    Congrats on your 10km time. You’re an inspiration. Honestly. I really enjoy following your progress on Runkeeper and it gives me a little kick to see you – and you Gordon – getting out and about.

  2. I also discovered that I’ve cycled over 1,250 miles since the end of august when I started biking to work. That’s almost entirely in blocks of about 3.7 miles backwards and forwards to the office. Soon adds up, eh?

  3. That’s an amazing amount of cycling! I think Pete is talking about cycling home from work, which is pretty energetic talk, I’m sure you’ll agree.

    I did buy a foam roller from Decathlon (my new favourite shop) but it was quite a wide diameter, and frankly my arms aren’t strong enough to hold me up on it. So I took it back and bought a natty little running skirt instead, ha.

  4. Interesting.

    I’ve moved away from Runkeeper to Fitocracy as I’m now focussing on gym work as opposed to running (my knee prefers this too).

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