May 6, 2014

Where Are You Now? Ann, May

Today I am at home. Not the home I was expecting to be in today, but at home nonetheless.

Instead of moving boxes and building furniture, we asked twitter “Whistable or Margate” and among the answers were two calls of “Hastings”.

Turns out Hastings was absolutely the right answer, and we had a lovely day which included trips on three different railways, Fish & Chips, Trampolines, Crazy Golf, Ice Cream, Morris Dancers, Flowers, Seagulls and Pebbles and the inexplicable early closure of just about every eating establishment in Hastings that wasn’t a Fish & Chip shop.

It was good. We had fun.

The Carriers on the Beach

The Beach Family Carrier


2 thoughts on “Where Are You Now? Ann, May

  1. I can’t help noticing the omission of “go karting” in that list of activities!

  2. I had entirely forgotten about the go karts at the point at which I was writing that. How odd. It was very much fun tho.

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