July 11, 2014

Bar’s Open

It’s school report day. What did yours say then? What would it say now? And what would you like to drink?


5 thoughts on “Bar’s Open

  1. I was that weird kid who looked forward to report cards. I was fantastic at taking tests.
    To quote an old high school teacher’s report card comment,
    “When (asta) is interested, she does very well”

    Accurate enough.

    Champagne please. It’s a wedding weekend and the festivities start here in three hours and end sometime Sunday.

  2. My school reports were unremarkable. They invariably described me as “quiet,” and sometimes also as “sensible.” Except for the year when I broke my right wrist, when I was marked down for not making much of an effort in needlework or art.

    Now, surprise would be expressed at my willingness to discuss breasts with strangers. I’ll have a scrumpy jack, I think.

  3. Gin please. Buckets of the stuff.

    I was described at work today as being sensible and level headed. Hmm, I’ll take it, and I don’t think a huge amount has changed.

    Clair on July 11, 2014
  4. I was school swot for most of my school time but in later years became complacent when I started getting attainment level 1 with effort grade C. The effort went further downhill and the attainment started to follow.

    We’ve just had a note from Tom’s school to say that reports will be distributed on Monday. Reports are “written for an adult audience” and, if we read the report to our child, we may need to change the text and use “age appropriate language”. WTF? Will the report say “Your son is a little shit and his work is utter crap!”?

    Anyway, I spent most of yesterday in A&E with my Dad after he had a fall. No major harm done, but I’ve been filled with morbid thoughts about sole-remaining-parent. So I need some levity-inducing drink – perhaps a G&T?

  5. Sorry, forgot to say “please and thank you”.

    My report now would say “is sometimes forgetful of his manners”.

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