July 18, 2014

Bar’s Open

Today, as Twitter may have mentioned once or twice, I am in York. York feels like home in many ways. Bernard has never been here before, and I’m looking forward to him and Pete arriving later this evening. I was thinking of offering waxwork or mannequin based cocktails. Perhaps you could order your drink and tell us what model you would like to share it with, if they could come to life in the style of the mannequin in the eponymous Andrew McCarthy film (links may be provided later by Lyle if you are lucky).

I am going for a wander on the city walls, to clear my head after an intense but enjoyable study day. I know it went well because one of my colleagues approached me afterwards to say, “I am very difficult to please, and study days usually make me grumpy, but that was great thank you.” Which is a bonus, because I really enjoyed running it.



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