July 2, 2014

Uborka! Running Club

In the last week I have again failed to run 8 miles. I managed 7.5 on my feet, but the last two of those involved a fair bit of walking, which is a first for me and felt rather disappointing. This was on Friday. I have been out for shorter runs on Sunday and yesterday, and now I can barely move my aching calves. What’s that about? Do I need new shoes or shall I just GIVE THE DAMN THING UP?

I ran 42 miles in June, so not quite my highest mileage month ever but close, and including two new bests for pace. But I’m not loving it right now and I’m thinking about forgetting the Wokingham Half, which looks terribly serious, and going for the Reading Half instead, which doesn’t feature the threat of the sweeper bus, and probably has more fancy dress. Or maybe no half at all, because 8 miles continues to elude me.

You’d better tell me inspirational tales of your own running, today.


13 thoughts on “Uborka! Running Club

  1. I’m not sure how inspirational it will be, but I went back to the beginning of c25k and started again. For the third time. Because I am determined to get to running 5k without walking. No matter how slow.

    Also, I saw bunnies. And a fox. And some ponies. And it was rather nice.

  2. I was amazed at the effect of properly fitted new shoes. Not sure how psychological it was but suddenly I could run much longer, in comfort & ache free…blisters were a thing of the past too!

    Remember this is supposed to be fun. Do whatever race/event comes close-ish to that 🙂

    CatKnits on July 2, 2014
  3. Karen – I’m not an expert but sounds like you’ve plateau’d, maybe you need to mix up your training a little. Go for shorter (a lot shorter) faster runs (how fast a pace can you do for 20 mins straight, for example). Or do some interval training (used to be called faartlek) and so on… I’m guessing Tom has a better take on it than me.

    I’ve still got a big of a buggered back so only done one session with the dumbbells and not managed Yoga two weeks in a row now which gives me sadface but… it’s a marathon not a sprint and all that!!

  4. I’ve been for a couple of fairly long, fairly brisk walks. One of which included a couple of very short periods of jogging. I suspect things will stall for a couple of weeks whilst I prepare for moving house, let the blisters go down, and buy new trainers. The intention is to take full advantage of the nature reserve next to the new house, which should be fairly quiet.

    I’ve had various periods of exercise but have never got on with running. I think this is mostly a hangover for the horrendous time I had during school cross country. So I think the psychological barriers may be as challenging as the physical ones.

    Ms Gammidgy on July 2, 2014
  5. Gordon, that all sounds very sensible, I think I will try the shorter/faster runs because at least then I feel I have achieved something.

  6. As I was contemplating the day ahead at Glastonbury last week – Thursday morning, I think – someone ran past me wearing full lycra, headphones, everything. She was properly running inside the festival. That’s weird, I thought. About half an hour later, a group of about ten runners went past, with a guy at the back making sure everyone was okay and still with them. A proper running club, in other words. I run quite a lot, but I certainly don’t pack my running kit for Glastonbury. My first thought was to wonder where on earth they got a shower…. and then a small, insidious part of my brain started thinking how cool an early morning run through the festival site would be. It’s huge, for starters, and you would see all sorts of stuff.
    But no, I will resist. As we were walking out of the site on Sunday night, one of my friends remarked how this was the most exercise they did all year: carrying stuff about, walking miles and standing up all day. I thought about it, and although I was tired, actually, having five days off running had seen all my little aches and niggles completely disappear. My hip doesn’t hurt any more!
    So, when we got home on Monday, I went for a 6.5 mile run. Because I’m an idiot.

  7. oh, and Karen…. you *will* do 8 miles, and if you can already do 7.5, then I’m 100% confident you could manage a half marathon tomorrow.

  8. I’m not sure I can really be in running club. My foot was feeling better so I tried a very slow very careful very tentative 5 minutes (minutes!) on the treadmill last weekend. Then hobbled about for 48 hours 🙁

  9. You can’t see a doctor for love nor money round here. And if I did, they would say rest it and time is a great healer.
    I had a bizarre conversation with the man who came to service my Hoover this week: he said he knew and understood that I am not a medical doctor but he really wanted my opinion on the statins he is on. If it is good enough for him, I can self-prescribe gin 🙂

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