August 6, 2014

Uborka! Magic Mile

Congratulations to Team Uborka! members who ran the Marathon Talk Magic Mile; here are our times:

Me: 09:42 (usual mile is about 11:30; this nearly killed me)
Swisslet: 07:04 (aiming for under 7 minutes next time)
Stroppycow: 10:50 (too hot & sore, with Runkeeper playing up)
Gordon: 09:46 (mostly uphill)

Great work!

I have hardly been running at all, summer holidays are just impossible. Loads and loads of walking, though, because Bernard can do that with me. What are your plans for the rest of the summer?


4 thoughts on “Uborka! Magic Mile

  1. Well done all. Still planning on attempting one – maybe tonight. Sure I can find a reasonably flat route somewhere!

  2. well, I got confirmation yesterday that I am the proud holder of a gold bond charity place to run the London Marathon in April next year, so I suppose I’ll probably be starting to train because it’s suddenly looming very long and very large in my diary….

  3. As it happens, my running club did a magic mile this evening as part of our interval training. I managed 6.30…. room for improvement but that 34 seconds in a week, so can’t be too disappointed!

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