October 28, 2014

Photography Week!

Next week will be Photography Week on Uborka! Read on to find out more!

I seem to have a reputation as being somewhat difficult to buy birthday presents for. This year, my sister bought me a photography lesson as a surprise. Truth be told, it wasn’t a complete surprise – she had warned me in advance to bring my Nikon D40 and to make sure that the battery was fully charged. However, I did find myself wondering on the train exactly what I was going to be using it for, and the thought did cross my mind that it would be just like my sister to fix it for me to attend a “glamour” photography course.

In the event, it turned out to be nothing quite so awkward. The exact course that she had signed me up for was targeted more at people who had an SLR but were afraid to take it off of Auto, so in that sense it was probably a little bit basic for me, but there was no way for my sister to know that. So while I wouldn’t say that I learned anything, it was certainly nice to have an afternoon to focus more on the process of photography than the end result. Usually I spot a subject and dial in some settings that I know will work, and I don’t tend to think about my options, and how I’ve actually got a range of possibilities to choose from that will lead to a different result.

As a result of fiddling about a lot with settings, the majority of the photos I took were pretty dreadful. But here are a few that I quite like. I usually do a bit of post-processing before I upload photos, but to hell with it, these look okay as is.

frui_course_01_pumpkins frui_course_02_pigeons frui_course_03_pigeons frui_course_04_bark frui_course_05_lake frui_course_06_spider frui_course_07_group

Next week will be Photography Week on Uborka! I don’t want to deter anyone from getting involved, so feel free to break any of the following rules.

Not Rules

  1. Five photos, one per day from Monday to Friday
  2. All five should be taken on the same day between now and Monday
  3. The titles of your photos should be “One”, “Two”, “Three”, “Four” and “Five” respectively

As I say, if any of these rules don’t work for you, then break them with gleeful abandon. Heck, I might even break four of them myself.


15 thoughts on “Photography Week!

  1. Just to clarify: I take 5 on one day then upload one per day? It’s not taking one every day?

  2. Yes, the “rule” (that, of course, you may break if you desire) is to take 5 on one day and then upload them on 5 separate days.

  3. Can I please have an account, Sir?
    And a large neat Black Smirnoff for the road…

  4. Can I submit blurry, out-of-focus and poorly composed pictures taken with an outdated camera phone?

  5. MrD – yep, I’ll set you up with an account and email you the login details.

    graybo – sounds perfect. We can call it art.

  6. Ok. I went out. I took pictures. They are called one, two, three, four and five. I think I need an account if uploading is to happen. And, if it does, also instructions where to!

  7. Oh, and as well as sticking to your rules I added a couple of my own. Do you need to know them?

  8. Extra rules – awesome! I slightly failed to satisfy rule 2, but hey ho.

    I’ll set you up with an account and email you the details.

  9. Ooh! The only pictures I took over the weekend were crappy iPhone snaps of the baby but maybe I can take a DSLR for a walk today. Can I have a login please?

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