October 8, 2014

Uborka! Running Club

I got the new shoes, the weather has cooled down, summer hols are over, but I still haven’t got my mojo back. Ran a 10k in Windsor the other week which ended with undignified waterchundering [thanks for the sponsorship, nice people]. Then I came down with a nasty cold. What’s a girl to do?

How are you all doing?


5 thoughts on “Uborka! Running Club

  1. Major mojo deficiency here also. I twisted my left knee in late-August and haven’t been able to run since. Finding it really annoying. Had been hoping to do a 10k this month but all plans are completely out of the window. All from an apparently really innocuous marginally awkward step while running on uneven ground, to which I seem to have reacted pretty badly. Also annoying: my left knee was always my “good” one, having had various problems with the right knee over the last decade. But it has very recently stopped hurting just to walk, so I hope I’ll be able to ease back into some training on it again before too much longer…

  2. Back on C25K *again* – Think this is the third but it could be fourth time. Foot holding up so far (but no requirement to run more than 3 minutes at a time yet). My head is much more up for it this time: I’m doing the short runs faster than on previous goes. Am also getting to yoga twice a week and feeling a million times better for it.
    Ask me again when I get to the infamous W5R3.

  3. After about 18 months of active resistance, I gave in to Parkrun. Predictably loved it, and predictably took every opportunity to flog myself against the clock. I like nothing more than beating myself up, as you know. We’re actually going down to london tomorrow on an 11oclock train to allow us time to squeeze in parkrun before leaving…. I’m going to escort my wife round tomorrow. Our PB’s are about 7 minutes apart over the 5km, but I’m running the marathon with her in April, so I better start getting used to it, eh?

  4. oh, and I also crossed my self-imposed “run 600 miles in 2014” milestone this week. Might squeeze in another 200 before we’re done…..

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