November 16, 2014

Where are you now?

We were geocaching in some woods today near Frimley, Surrey.

2014-11-16 15.22.47

The geocaches that we found were the SWEETS ROUND some others including the one that UborkaPete popped out of the car for. I got some chocolate buttons which were very rich so I think I know why they were so much money. The SWEETS ROUND geocaches were 16 caches long and I got a prickly hand after SWEETS ROUND #4 I had 1 chocolate button after each one and 1 just after a geocache so even though we were looking for 16 I had 17 and I thought for Xmas we should make a cake out of them. SWEETS ROUND #16 brought our geocaching finds up to 210 then the one that UborkaPete popped out of the car for took it up to 211.


2 thoughts on “Where are you now?

  1. This picture is a picture Pete took I am on the left 😉 Karens on
    the right ;)Smiley:)

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